What is Insights?

Insights brings you quantifiable data that shows you how the resources in your workplace are being utilized, providing you with key metrics and real-time data that allow you to optimize them according to the needs of your organization.



With AskCody Insights you will:

  • Get the full picture of the utilization of resources across the whole organization.
  • Understand the needs of the employees of your organization in terms of resource booking.
  • See real-time and historical information on resource utilization.


How does Insights work? 

After enabling Insights on your resource calendars, it will start collecting* data points and display meeting room data within 24 hours. After the initial data collection, Insights will collect data once a day at 00.00 (UTC). 

*Insights only gathers data from activated calendars. 

Insights collects data both from meetings booked in personal calendars, and ad-hoc meetings. Ad-hoc meetings are meetings booked directly in the meeting room calendar or meetings booked on the AskCody meeting room displays, Today+

Insights collects data from the resource calendar types: Room, Desk, and Equipment.

Data points collected in Insights:

  • Subject
  • Time of meeting
  • Date of meeting
  • Meeting room
  • Number of attendees
  • Meeting duration


Data displayed in Insights: 

  • Total Rooms
  • Total Capacity
  • Average room size
  • Unique attendees
  • Total Meetings
  • Excluded meetings
  • Attendees per meeting
  • Hours in meetings
  • Utilization of room types
  • Capacity score
  • Time score
  • Room size overview
  • Average meetings per day
  • Average meeting length
  • Meeting length overview
  • Average attendees overview
  • Meetings over time
  • Meeting length over time
  • Average attendees over time



Want to start using Insights? Follow the steps in the article below:

How to set up Insights?


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