Import multiple calendars in the AskCody Management Portal

In this article, you will find a guide for how to import multiple calendars in the AskCody Management Portal.
*The import of calendars only work for calendars created in Exchange

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Admin Center/Connect/Calendars and choose Import.


  2. Download the Excel file template.


  3. Open the downloaded excel file.
    You might experience that the file is "locked" (Protected view)? Then you need to enable editing the file by clicking on File.


  4. Click Enable Editing.


  5. Now the file is unlocked, and you can start typing in the calendars you wish to import. When done, save the file in the CSV UTF-8 (.csv) format. 

  6. Because of the dropdown in the Calendar Type in the Excel file, you might experience this pop-up from Microsoft Excel. Simply click OK to this pop-up, and it will save your file as CSV. 


  7. Choose the file you just saved with the calendars you wish to import.


  8. Click Import.


  9. An overview of all the calendars you are trying to import will show. In the list, you can make changes and correct errors before submitting all the calendars into the AskCody Management portal. Click Actions to see your possibilities. 

    Click Submit when done. 



When you click Submit your calendars will start to be submitted into the AskCody Management Portal, and if not it might be because there are more errors in the calendars you are trying to submit. Go through the calendars using the option "Go to next error. Fix the error and try to submit again. 



Next Implementation Step: 

Continue to Step 3: Invite users and grant roles.








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