How to create a Service Account in Google Suite

To establish a connection between your AskCody Management Portal and G-Suite, you need to create a normal user account with permission to view and modify your resource calendars. Enabling these permissions within Google Apps helps to keep your calendars in sync.


The 4 steps of the procedure 

  1. Create a user account.
  2. Enable API access (This enables services such as AskCody to access your resource calendars).

  3. Give the new user account permission to view and modify events in the resource calendars. 

  4. Set resource calendars to auto-accept invites that do not conflict.



Step 1: Create a user account

Start by creating a new user in Google Suite, this will be the AskCody service account.

The following steps will guide you through the settings and permissions for this service account.


Step 2: Enable API access

This allows AskCody to access resource calendars and book events on behalf of the users.

What to do: Go to and click on the Security Option →  In the API reference section, check that Enable API Access is activated.


Step 3: Set up the right calendar permissions to view and modify calendar events

To properly modify calendar events, you'll need to set up some permissions for the AskCody service account. There are two methods for you to set up these permissions. 


Method 1: Give the AskCody service account super admin privileges (recommended)  

What to do: Go to and find the Admin roles section Add the email of the new user account to the list of Super Admins. 

This will allow the service account to edit all resource calendars in your Google account and this is an alternative to granting permissions for each calendar explicitly. You can choose to individually assign permissions, but Super Admins are the only role capable of editing all calendars without user-level configuration.


Method 2: Share resource calendars with the AskCody service account

What to do: Open your Google Calendar Go to My Calendars and click on Share this Calendar next to the calendar that AskCody should be able to access (If the resource calendars are not there, add the resources to your My Calendars list) →  Add the email of the AskCody service account to the Share with specific people section  In the permissions drop-down, choose Make changes and manage sharing.
Now, the AskCody Service account will be able to view and modify events in the resource calendar on behalf of the users. Repeat the steps above for all of your other resource calendars. 


Step 4: Enable auto-accept of events that do not conflict

When someone adds a resource calendar to an event, the resource calendar will receive an invitation to the event.  

To ensure that the booking experience is as smooth as possible, you will need to set each of your resource calendars to automatically accept event invitations that do not conflict with other events in the resource's calendar.

What to do: Open your Google Calendar and select Calendar Settings of one of your resource Calendars → Select Auto-accept invitations that do not conflict

Update this setting for all you resource calendars. 



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