How to use Meeting+ in Outlook

This is a small step-by-step guide for using AskCody Meeting+. Meeting+ can be deployed as an add-in or plug-in for Outlook and Office365 OWA, for more information about Meeting+, please visit our website. 

  • When you have booked a meeting in your Outlook Calendar, click on Office Add-ins. 
  • Now the Add-ins window should appear to the right. Here you can choose between all your AskCody Add-ins for Outlook. For now, click the one named Meeting+.
  • From here just follow the directions shown below and you will be good to go!


This is how you order catering for your meeting:


  1. When you access AskCody Meeting+ add-in your meeting location will be automatically put in, but it is always best to check if the information is correct.

  2. Next thing for you to do is to select items you would like to order for your meeting. From a drop down menu, you should be able to choose the available items offered by your catering provider. You can delete the selected items at any time if you change your mind. You will be able to see the detailed information about your order right after adding items. 

  3. Afterward, specify the delivery options, such as the preferred time of your delivery. Remember to check whether you want the to get the order delivered by the catering provider, or pick it up by yourself. You are also able to add comments to your order. 

  4. Lastly, you might be asked to put in additional information about your meeting depending on requirements set by your organization, but that only takes a second.

  5. You are ready! Place the order and it's going to be received by your catering provider and set in motion.  

Below you can see the flow of the instructions.

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