How to set up WayFinder

The AskCody WayFinder is the world’s first web-based cross-platform indoor wayfinding solution that works seamlessly across smartphones, apps, touchscreens, kiosks, and all browsers. Enabling easy indoor wayfinding, the WayFinder is designed to guide people to meeting rooms or meeting points, and Wayfinder’s directional information makes it easy to get from A to B. 

Each WayFinder is unique and completely customized based on the specific needs of the location. The map is drawn by the AskCody design team by using any kind of building blueprint you can provide. All staircases and elevator are added and with a single press of a button, the map will show the user an accessible route for people with walking disabilities. No matter if the user is an employee looking for an available meeting room and a visitor looking for a host, the WayFinder is the solution. 


First of all, to create your WayFinder we will need a contact person with knowledge of the building. This person will be in charge of communicating changes and comments to us during the map creation process.  

Then we need to receive the following info before we begin: 
Regarding the map:  

  • Up-to-date and detailed plans and drawings of the building with all room names and room numbers marked, as well as all entrances. (Required if AskCody should create the map for you). 
  • Info whether or not any of the floors have elevated/restricted areas. 
  • What elevators/stairs are accessible (which should have routes leading to them). 
  • Fire escape location indication. 
  • Should the map have colored areas?  
  • Should the map show furniture? If yes, which and where? 
  • Should the area surrounding the building be shown on the map? 

Regarding the WayFinder Kiosk: 

  • What should the title be displayed above the map on the WayFinder Kiosk? (e.g.,. the location of kiosk or name of building). 
  • Where is the kiosk located and what direction is the user when looking at the screen.   
  • What icons should be shown and where (needs to be clearly indicated on the map we receive from you)? Custom icons can be created for an additional fee.   
  • Should the destinations be sorted in categories? If yes, what categories? (only 1 category per destination). 

According to past experiences, the most effective review process is as follows:  
1st review   

  • A Skype meeting with screen share to discuss any potential questions or concerns about the map.   

2nd review   

  • The map from AskCody has been sent to the customer with names and icons for final layout confirmation and approval before making routes.   

3rd review   

  • The complete map with icons, names, and routes is sent to the customer in the form of a WayFinder Kiosk URL for final approval.   


Further updates or corrections to the map/WayFinder Kiosk should be sent to   


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