How to set up the Workplace Add-in

The AskCody Workplace Add-in helps you search for all calendar resources across multiple locations and is fully integrated with Outlook. Employees can search and sort by the purpose of a meeting (e.g. video conference or external), equipment or services (e.g. a whiteboard or catering), or capacity.

The Askcody Workplace module consists of 3 parts: 

  • Workplace Add-in is the user interface that integrates with Outlook where employees can search for and add resources. The add-in is connected to Exchange through the connected service account, so the add-in will always have updated information on which calendars are available.
  • Resources is the online overview of all your connected resource calendars. This is where you set up each calendar to match the relevant search criteria (purpose, equipment/services, and capacity) and configure the other Workplace Add-in features.
  • Resources Admin Center is where you create the purposes and equipment/service that should be available when setting up the calendars in the Resources overview.

The requirements for setting up the Workplace Add-in: 


Step 1: Create capabilities

Go to Admin Center Click on Resources at the top of the page and choose Equipment/Services → Click Add → Name the capability and click Add



Step 2: Create purposes

Go to Admin Center Click on Resources at the top of the page and choose Purposes → Click Add → Name the purpose and click Add



Step 3: Add resource calendars

Click on the main drop-menu in the top left corner  Go to Resources Click Activate → Fill in the information, choose the appropriate Purposes and Capabilities and click Activate



Step 4: Install the Workplace Add-in

Go to Admin Center  Click on Add-ins at the top of the page  Copy the Workplace Manifest URL to your clipboard (ctrl+c)  Install the add-in via Exchange Admin Center (click here to learn how) or via Powershell (click here to learn how)


For more informational articles and detailed setup tips about the Workplace module, visit the Workplace module page.

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