How to install the Meeting+/Workplace/Welcome+ Add-ins for specific users via PowerShell

By using PowerShell, you can install AskCody Meeting+/Workplace/Welcome+ as an organization app and make it available to a particular set of users in the organization.

The Exchange server must be able to reach the target URL.
This example installs the AskCody Meeting+/Workplace/Welcome+ app from a URL and enables it by default:

New-App -OrganizationApp -ManifestURL -ProvidedTo SpecificUsers -UserList "user1", "user2", "user3" -DefaultStateForUser Enabled 

*For more information about any of the parameters listed on the command above, please refer to the following Microsoft article about the New-App command: Read the article here

Once the app has been installed, further modifications must instead be done using the Set-App cmdlet as follows:

Set-App -OrganizationApp -Identity Insert-Manifest-Identifier-Here -ProvidedTo SpecificUsers -UserList "user1", "user2", "user3" -DefaultStateForUser Enabled 

*The Manifest Identifier referred to in the code line above, can be found at the end of the manifest URL of the AskCody add-ins.

In either case, the specified users can activate the new app when viewing appointments or meeting responses within Outlook, Outlook Web App, or OWA for Devices.

Alternatively, if the app is installed using "-DefaultStateForUser Disabled", the specified users can enable the app from Outlook Web App Options. Finally, "-DefaultStateForUser AlwaysEnabled" permanently enables the app for the specified users. 

If an installed app isn't enabled, users can enable the app from Outlook Web App Options. Similarly, if an app is installed, an administrator can enable the app from the Exchange Administration Center or by using the Enable-App or Set-App cmdlet.


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