Walkthrough of WayFinder in the AskCody Management Portal

To open WayFinder in the AskCody Management Portal, log onto manager.onaskcody.com (manager.goaskcody.com for the US) and choose AskCody WayFinder in the top left corner. Here you can edit maps, markers, destinations, destination categories, and directories. 


The Plans tab

To access the plan you wish to see or edit, click on the Edit.

Definitions of plans, levels, markers and destinations:

· A plan is a floor.

· A level is the floor indication connected to the respective "plan."

· A marker is an icon or a piece of text on the map. 

· A destination is a marker with a route connected to it.  


How to create a new marker:

  • Click on the map while holding down the "ALT" button.
  • Fill out the information about the marker (name, description, etc.)

    • Full Name is the name of the marker in the manager (duplicates are not accepted) and it is also the name of the destination - the name used when searching from a WayFinder kiosk.

    • Display name is the name of the marker that is shown on the map.

    • Information is additional info regarding the marker and is only shown in the closet zoom level. This input field is not required
    • Room number is the number of the room and this can be shown as an alternative to the Display name. This input field is not required.
    • Size is the relative size of the markers respective icon. 

    • Icon is where you choose the icon for the particular marker. This input field is not required. 
      (If you wish to enable customized icons, please contact support@askcody.dk.)

    • Include on all plans is a toggleable option which enables the particular marker to e visible on all plans. (Useful for parking indication, outdoor markers, etc.)
  • Toggle destination properties is where the marker can be made into a Destination. This is done by checking Create destination. Description and Destination category is not required. 
  • To show if a destination is available/occupied, a calendar needs to be selected when creating the destination. To appear in the list of calendars, the calendar mailbox must be connected to AskCody. (Click here to learn how to connect a calendar mailbox)
  • ATTENTION! If the destination is a transition (staircase, elevator, etc.) a "Transition type must be selected. 

  • ”Toggle advanced properties”:

    • The values ”Icon minimum zoom” and "Lable zoom minimum"  determine what zoom level the icon or display name is visible from and onwards Ex. If the value is 1, then the icon and display name is visible at zoom level 1 and onwards and invisible on zoom level 0.

    • The values ”Icon maximum zoom” and "Lable zoom maximum"  determine what zoom level the icon or display name is visible until and included. Ex. If the value is 4, then the icon and display name are visible until and including zoom level 4 and invisible from zoom level 5 and onwards.

    • ”Lable fill color” and ”Label stroke color” effects text and border color respectively. 

    • When finished creating the marker, click ”Save.” ATTENTION! Every time you make changes to a marker, remember to click "Save"! 

How to edit a marker:
  • Click on the marker you wish to edit.
  • Edit the settings.
  • When finished, click "Save."
How to move a marker: 
  • Click on the marker you wish to move.
  • Move the marker by dragging it with your cursor. 
  • When finished, click "Save."
How to rotate the map:
  •  Hold SHIFT and drag the map in the desired directions with your cursor.
How to zoom:
  • Click twice anywhere on the map or use the "+" and "-" icons. 
How to delete a marker: 
  • Click on the marker you want to delete.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click "Delete."
  • ATTENTION! A deleted marker can not be restored.

The Destinations tab

In the destination tab, you are able to get a simple overview and edit your existing destinations. You are able to change the destination's "Full name," "Display name," "Room number," "Description" and, "Category".

The icon and settings regarding zoom can only be changed on the map.  



The Destination categories tab

If you have many destinations, it is recommended that you sort your destinations into different destination categories in order for the user to have a comprehensive overview when searching for the destinations on the WayFinder map. 

In the "Destination categories" tab you are able to create and edit your destination categories. They can be defined by both name and a distinctive icon. (if you wish to have more or custom icons available, please contact support@askcody.dk)



The Destination tags tab

If you have office equipment or other special search criteria, we recommend that you create destination tags, which are attached to a destination. This will enable the WayFinder to show a list of tags and when a tag is selected the WayFinder will then show all destinations associated with that specific tag. Destinations can have multiple tags. 

In the "Destination tags" tab you are able to create and edit your destination tags. 



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