How to use Welcome+ add-in for Outlook

This is a small step-by-step guide for using AskCody Welcome+. Welcome+ can be deployed as an add-in or plug-in for Outlook and Office365 OWA. To get the Welcome+ installation package, please contact Lastly, for more information about Welcome+, please visit our website.

**Before you start using Welcome+ for Outlook, please make sure that you have a connected and configured Welcome+ set up. To learn how to set up and connect a Welcome+, please contact**


First things first, when booking a meeting in Outlook Calendar, click on Add-ins. 

Now the Add-ins window should appear. Here you can choose between all your AskCody add-ins for Outlook. For now, click the one named Welcome+.


Now the Welcome+ add-in will open, and you can add your attendees to your guest list as expected guests.

Next, you can add one of your attendees as a host. The organizer is by default selected as host if no one else is selected.  


To finish and save your new guest list, simply press SAVE GUEST LIST, and a confirmation will appear at the top of the window.

You guest list is now added to the Expected guest list in the AskCody Manager.

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