How to install Meeting+/Workplace/Welcome+ Add-ins for Exchange online using the Exchange Admin Center

If you are using Office 365

Microsoft advises customers that use O365 to deploy all modern add-ins via Centralised Deployment. To learn more about how to deploy add-ins using Centralised Deployment, click here.

*Since this article was made we have renamed the Add-in from RoomFinder to Workplace Add-in. Therefore some of the pictures might contain the "old" Add-in name.


Step 1: Go to the O365 Admin Center

Click Admin centers at the bottom of the left menu and choose Exchange.


Step 2: Go to add-ins

In the Exchange Admin Center choose add-ins


Add from URL

In the menu click the "+" and select Add from URL.


Step 3: Add the AskCody Manifest

Enter the Manifest URL for the add-in.


Step 4: Manage your add-in

Tap the add-in to control the add-in settings for your organization.


Step 5: Edit App Settings

Choose to make the add-in available to users in your organization and specify user defaults 






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