How to use the Workplace Add-in for Outlook

*Since this article was made we have renamed the Add-in from RoomFinder to Workplace Add-in. Therefore some of the pictures might contain the "old" Add-in, but the content remains the same. 


This is a small step-by-step guide for using the AskCody Workplace Add-in. Workplace Add-in can be deployed as an add-in for Outlook 2010/13/16 and Office 365 OWA. The only difference between the different Outlook versions is the location of the launch button. However, the procedure of using the Add-in itself stays the same. For more information about the concept of the Workplace Add-in, please visit our website.

In order for you to use the Workplace Add-in, you need to make sure to add the Workplace Add-in to the ribbon in the Outlook client, and if you need assistance, please visit this article. 


This is where you find the add-in launch button in the Office 2016 client


This is where you find the Add-in launch button in the Office365 OWA.




In the Workplace Add-in, you are able to see the 4 search criteria: Location, Purpose, Capabilities, and Capacity. 



The locations criterion indicates where you wish for the room to be located at. 



The purposes criterion indicates how you wish to utilize the resource.



The Equipment and services criterion indicates what equipment, services, etc. you would like to be available when using the resource.



The people criterion indicates how many people are expected to use the resource at once.



You can select multiple locations, purposes, and capabilities (equipment and services). However, there must be at least 1 location for the search to perform. When you have selected the criteria you are looking for, click on Find resource and the search will begin. This might take a few seconds.

When the search is done, you will be shown all of the resources that fulfill the selected criteria. By default, you will only be able to see the available resources, but if you click the box named "Show # occupied resource(s)" the occupied resources that fulfill the criteria will also be shown. 

Each resource will be shown alongside its name, capacity, and a short description. Click on the resource(s) you would like to book and then click on Add resource.

Now the resource will be added to the list of attendees, and an invitation will be sent to the resource calendar when you are done creating the meeting. 





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